Cancun Condos offers you a shopping guide to Cancun so you know what is what and where when you visit us.


There are 5 main malls on the hotel zone of Cancun:

La Isla (The Island)

Still in development stages this ‘Shopping village’ already houses the world famous designer clothes shop ‘Zara’. There is a Riverwalk and marine. This promises to be the most elegant of all the shopping malls in Cancun, with an interactive aquarium, restaurants, bars, cinemas and food court. La Isla  is located between Plaza Flamingo and Plaza Kukulcan.

Plaza Forum by the Sea

This dome shaped mall houses The Rain Forest Café , The Hard Rock Café and The Coco Bongo Night Club. You never lose sight of anyone in this mall as the isles are circular and overlook the main downstairs foyer. Here you will find everything from Rain Forest stuffed toys to Cancun T-Shirts, if a bit pricey. The mall has a food court that overlooks the ocean.

Plaza Kukulcan

Located in the heart of the Hotel Zone this shopping center features a wide variety of shops and boutiques. In this mall you will find economical souvenirs in the arts & crafts shops on the second floor, a Harley Davidson shop, cinemas with movies in English and Spanish, liquor stores, bikini shops, and the latest fashions at LOB. There are 2 pharmacies, a Guess jeans and Ultra Femme Perfume Store for Duty Free purchases. There is a great food court on the second floor with everything from Italian, Oriental and Mexican food. You also have Ruth's Chris Steak House, El Pescador (Seafood), O.K. Maguey (Mexican), Splash (International), 100% Natural (For those all natural folks !) and  Cenaccolo (Italian)

Plaza Caracol

The original Cancun Mall and great for special gifts as it has shell shops, precious stone shops, leather stores and an art gallery of the famous Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante. There is a Señor Frogs shops and a Ralph Polo, so there is something to suit everyone. The Mall is surrounded by Restaurants including Savio's, la Fisheria and 100% Natural. Close by, after the Party Center you will find the Black Coral (Coral Negro) Flea market, which is quite fun to visit. Lots of little shops with arts and crafts. Always bargain in this type of market. You may also find some spray paint artists that are quite skilled doing planetary landscapes.

Plaza Flamingos

Planet Hollywood at one end and Pat O’Brien’s at the other gives someone more reason to walk through and enjoy the little tobacco shops, the cigar shops, Italian glass store, music and arts and crafts shops. You will also find here the Outback Steak House and a Sanborn's for an afternoon cool drink, just to get out of the heat.

Logo stores:

Señor Frogs: in Plaza Caracol, second floor.

Pat O’Brien’s: in Plaza Flamingos

Hard Rock Café: In Plaza Forum by the Sea

Ralph Polo: Plaza Caracol, ground floor

The Rain Forest: Plaza Forum by the Sea, first floor.

Harley Davidson: Plaza Kukulcan, upstairs



Flea Markets:

The famous ‘Kiwik’ flea market on Avenue Tulum will provide you with an afternoon’s entertainment haggling with the local salesmen.


Also try Market 28. It get's it's name from it's location in section 28 of the town. Check our Downtown Map. You will find lots of shops and plenty to do in this colorful market. If you are there around lunch time you may want to try some sea food at El Cejas or some Mexican Food in Checándole.




Shop where the locals do.

Wal Mart

Good old Wal mart, with its worlwide reach, is also in Cancun !.You can take a bus from your hotel (any one that passes going Down Town) to Avenue Tulum downtown and from there take a taxi which costs 10 pesos in total for up to 4 persons. This mega supermarket is open 24 hours a day and has a laundry, McDonald’s, opticians, bank, pharmacy and of course a SAM'S Club right beside it.

This supermarket has great fruit and vegetables and has a very economical self service restaurant inside beside the cold meats section.

Chedraui (Pronounced Chey-Draw-Wee)

This supermarket is right on the entrance of the Hotel Zone, on Tulum Av. The selection is good, but not as big as Walmart as you might have guessed. You do not need to take a taxi as all the buses coming back from the hotel Zone pass in front of this supermarket. Just look for the "Ceviche" fountain (the sea shell fountain). Open 9 AM -10 PM

Comercial Mexicana

There are 3 Comercial Mexicana’s in Cancun. The largest one is a mega store on Kabah Av. There is a smaller one beside the bus station on Avenue Tulum. Both are open from 8.00AM to 9.00PM.

This supermarket is especially good for fresh meats and has a great bakery. Both stores have a salad bar and cooked food bar where you can buy foods already prepared. We can recommend this food as the locals buy it too.

There are discounted medicines in the pharmacy in the Comercial Mexicana on Avenue Kabah. There is a an excellent cheese counter inside the supermarket, and you can also find inside their installations a hairdressers, bank and soda fountain.

Cost Co.

Right next to Comercial Mexicana on Av. Kabah you will find a bran new Cost Co. that opened in September of 1999. It has a very large selection of goods, very much like SAM's Club.



Plaza Las Americas

Plaza las Americas was opened at the end of 1998. It is located on Tulum Av. almost as you get out of Cancun towards the Airport. You have a Chedraui (much bigger than the one in the entrance of the hotel zone) that is quite good for groceries. You also have a Sears and a Liverpool which is very much like the Mexican version of J.C. Penneys. There are also plenty of small shops with something for everyone. If you are downtown, and want to spend the afternoon shopping, this is a pretty good place.